The NAMCC administrative structure consist of three main bodies:

  • Executive Committee
  • Board of Administration
  • Arbitration Council

The Executive Committee (EC) is responsible for developing policies, procedures, long term plans, strategies, transition plans, developing the annual budget, and regularly report back to the members of NAMCC. The EC oversees the operations of NAMCC, but delegates day-to-day operations to the Board of Administration.

The Board of Administration (BA) is responsible for the day-to-day operations of NAMCC and is broken up into multiple committees with separate responsibilities. The current set of committees is:

The Arbitration Council (AC) consists of members of the Executive Committee, Board of Administration, an Imam, and general members of NAMCC. They do not have direct responsibility into the day-to-day affairs of NAMCC, but is available to help adjudicate any conflicts that may arise between EC/BA members, or between the EC/BA and general community. The AC is also responsible for monitoring and assuring that the EC/BA comply with the NAMCC Constitution and By Laws.

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