Fundraising Policy


Fund Raising and On-premises Promotional Activities

Effective 3-27-2016

  1. All fundraising activities must comply with the teachings of Islam and must not conflict with any United States laws.
  2. Fundraising within any of the NAMCC properties and during any NAMCC sponsored-activities are ONLY an entitlement for NAMCC to raise funds to fund its operations and activities. All other fundraising activities for all other parties or any other cause are subject to:
    1. Application in writing containing all the details of the proposed fundraising including its objective, cause, method of fundraising, person(s) performing fundraising, and any other relevant information and/or any information requested by NAMCC EC. See Request form below.
    2. Approval in writing by NAMCC EC
    3. Approval for one event may not be interpreted as an approval for future fundraising events. Each event is subject to items (a) and (b) above.
    4. For parties requesting fundraising events to be conducted by party’s own person or Khateeb, the credential of the proposed person / Khateeb and the topic of Khutba must be approved by NAMCC EC
  3. Except for the Blessed month of Ramadan, Only one active fundraising event is allowed per month following Friday’s Prayers. “Active” in this context shall mean directly addressing and soliciting funds from the audience. The Need for funds “as an announcement” is permitted at all announcements for NAMCC proposes and permitted for the benefit of other parties ONLY after obtaining approval from NAMCC EC. Exceptions may be made by the EC to address extraordinary events such as natural disasters, famines, supporting victims of wars and mass migrations, etc.
  4. During the Blessed month of Ramadan, Only one active fundraising event may be conducted after each Friday’s Khutba and one after Isha’a prayer (during Taraweeh). Both may belong to the same beneficiary. Fundraising events must not be conducted at the expense of prayers or instead of prayers. Announcement for the need for funds may be made in accordance to item (3) above.
  5. No promotional material or banners are allowed inside the prayer hall on the wall behind the Khateeb. No banners are allowed in the prayer hall except those that belong to NAMCC and must not be posted on the wall behind the Khateeb. Other promotional materials for “approved parties and causes” may be presented on a table behind Musaleen or at the exit based on prior approval by NAMCC EC
  6. NAMCC EC has the right, at will and as it deems appropriate, to deny any party the privilege of fundraising or promotions at its premises or during its activities with or without a cause. EC may revise this policy as deemed appropriate.


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