Election Committee Announcement

Dear members, Assalaam Alykum

The Executive Committee of NAMCC has entrusted the members of the Election Supervisory Committee to conduct elections for 2016, in the most fair and neutral way for an orderly transition to a new administration for the next 3 years. It is the most important duty of the voting members to select and nominate members who rightly qualify for the job:

1.       By eligibility requirements of the NAMCC Constitution
2.       By their conviction to the task
3.       By their knowledge and experience for service to the community

We suggest the members to read the constitution (available here) and familiarize themselves with the requirements.

The EC has frozen the Voting Members list, that we will be working with. We are not authorized to add/delete any one from this list. Any question regarding the voting membership must be directed to the EC. Only Voting Members can nominate, and be nominated, for any EC position. There is no self-nomination. The nominees must explicitly express their willingness to serve, agree for a background check, and provide a brief personal bio (template here) by 11/21/16. This summary will be shared with voting members to introduce nominees. The nominees will face the voting members in a specially called GA meeting, to answer questions.

The ESC (Election Supervisory Committee) will also assist in transitioning the responsibilities to the new administration, from the incumbents. ESC requests EC to have a Transition Checklist ready, by December 1, so the knowledge transfer can occur by January 31, and the new EC can start their work starting January 1. The outgoing EC shall be available to continue assisting knowledge transfer, at request of the new EC, past January 1 until required.

Election schedule will be circulated separately soon. Any email communication with the ESC be directed to ElectionCommittee@namcc.org.

Election Supervisory Committee
Syed Elias, Shahid Shafi, and Demba Diawara

The ESC will act on the following schedule:

Date What Happens
11/1/16 1.      EC forms and announces ESC
2.      EC freezes voting members list (of those eligible to participate in the election), and hands over to ESC (once frozen, the list is neither updated by EC nor by ESC. No exceptions.)
3.      ESC seeks nominations from eligible voting members
4.      ESC makes nominations forms available to voting members
5.      ESC requests current EC to start working on transition checklist
11/15/16 1.      ESC receives nominations from voting members
2.      ESC verifies eligibility of the nominators and nominees, and any candidate withdrawals
3.      ESC finalizes nominees list
4.      ESC announces nominee list to GA
5.      ESC requests the nominees to present themselves to GA on 11/22
6.      ESC announces nominee presentation date (11/22) to GA
11/22/16 1.      Nominees make presentation of their qualifications to GA
2.      ESC announces start (12/1) and end (12/15) of elections
3.       ESC prepares ballot forms for all eligible voting members
12/1/16 ESC starts making ballot forms available to eligible voting members, to cast their vote individually (no proxy) with membership card (or a photo ID)
12/15/16 1.      ESC closes elections by Maghrib
2.      ESC conducts counting of votes, after Maghrib
3.      ESC makes announcement of elected EC members
4.      ESC schedules a meeting, on 12/22, of outgoing and incoming EC members to review transition checklist
12/22/16 1.      ESC conducts transition review checklist with both outgoing and incoming EC members
2.      New EC starts transition
1/31/17 New EC completes transition

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