Arabic 101

Instructor:  Amjad Mohammad

Date and TimeSundays, Asr to Maghrib starting 04/12/2015

Course Materials:

  1. Alif Baa with DVDs, an Introduction to Arabic Letters and Sounds Third Edition by Brustad, Al-Batal & Al-Tonsi.  This book comes with a DVDs that you will use regularly. (we will discuss that in class)
  2. Recommended: Hans Wehr Dictionary.
  3. Handouts from the Instructor
  4. Online listening materials at


By the end of Arabic 101 you will, in-shaa’a-llaah:

  1. have mastered the Arabic alphabet and sound system, be able to distinguish and pronounce all Arabic sounds, and take dictation;
  2. be able to initiate social interactions, ask for basic information, and be aware of basic cultural aspects of social interaction in the Arab world;
  3. be able to talk about yourself, your education, and your family with any native speaker of Arabic;
  4. comprehend simple written texts on familiar topics;
  5. comprehend simple audio/video texts on familiar topics;
  6. be able to compose simple paragraphs about yourself; and
  7. be familiar with some of the differences between formal (standard) and spoken (dialect) Arabic.

Requirements and Grades:

  • Regular attendance is required and active participation are required.

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