Funeral Services

North Austin Muslim Community Center offers complete funeral services, which includes body release, body transport, body wash (ghussal), janazah prayer and burial. For funeral services we are using Austin Peel & Sons, and for burial we use Islamic Center of Greater Austin (ICGA) Muslim Cemetery and Muslim Community Support Services (MCSS) Muslim Cemetery.

If you would like to know more about NAMCC’s funeral services, please refer to the contact information for the Funeral Committee.

ICGA Muslim Cemetery

The Islamic Center of Greater Austin Muslim Cemetery first came into existence in the early 1980s with a non-profit WAQF donation of 20 acres of land just outside of Austin. The ICGA administration sees itself only as a custodian of the cemetery. Since its inception, this Muslim cemetery has served not only the Austin community, but the Central Texas region including areas as Killeen, San Antonio, College Station, and even Houston. Since the cemetery was founded through a non-profit land grant, it offers services to all Muslims on a strictly non-profit basis. Furthermore, because of its non-profit status, the ICGA is legally permitted by the State of Texas to bury Muslims in complete accordance with Islamic laws. This is contrary to other cemeteries with Muslim sections that are not run by Islamic centers where the funeral home must follow licensed funeral laws which come into conflict with Muslim funeral rites.

ICGA Muslim Cemetery is located at: 1920 County Line Road, Dale, TX 78616

ICGA Cemetary Agreement

For more details about ICGA Muslim Cemetery please call Sheikh Nur Ahmed @ 512-961-2443 or visit their website:

MCSS Muslim Cemetery

Muslim Community Support Services (MCSS) Muslim Cemetery was started 2001 when around 500 lots were purchased at Cook-Walden Cemetery Pflugerville. The Muslim Cemetery section is segregated from the rest of the Cook-Walden Cemetery.

MCSS Muslim Cemetery is located in the Northeast corner of the Cook-Walden Cemetery: 14501 North Interstate 35, Pflugerville, TX 78660

For more details about MCSS Muslim Cemetery please call Mohsin Lari @ 512-767-8147 or visit their website:

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