Construction Updates


Alhamdulillah, we are 96% completed. Masjid construction is going at a fast pace. We are one month ahead of our schedule. 

   Current status:
1. Working on existing building.

2. Finishing windows from inside.

3. Installing Elevator.

4. Working on bathrooms and wudu area.

Alhamdulillah, we have met our financial obligations till date and paid $96k for construction in the month of January. Total paid $4,019,000 We are at 96% paid Alhamdulillah.

 For the month of February, our payment schedule is $110k and we are looking for raising this amount. 

Our masjid is a source of khair for our Muslim community, neighborhood, Austin community and everyone around. We are asking the community to step up and invest for the akhirah in building the house of Allah. Please donate generously through our website.

Masha-Allah, a beloved brother of our community stepped his generosity today to donate for the masjid carpet, Takbeer! May Allah multiply his giving many folds and make it heavy in his scale on the day of reckoning. 

For loaning Qarde Hasana, please get in touch with us at

JazakAllah khair



We have made phenomenal progress in our construction of the new masjid.

The completion of the construction is scheduled for March 2021. With your dua and financial support, we can achieve this goal. Please donate generously as this is one of the smartest investments you can make.

Every time someone does sujood, recites the Quran, or does any act of worship at the masjid, you will get the reward for it.

Donate on behalf of you, your family, or your parents. Donate even if its just a dollar, be a part of this blessed project.





June 12, 2019


By the grace of Allah, we are glad to inform you that the North Parking lot project is complete. We have added 69 parking spaces. This paves way for us to start extending our masjid.

Date: 06/13/2019, Thursday, after Asr (6:45 PM)

In Shaa Allah on coming Thursday, we will be inaugurating the parking lot. Please join us at this joyful moment for our community. We ask Allah to bless us and be a role model community.

See you onsite




Construction update

Assalamu Alaikum Brothers and Sisters,

Alhamdulillah, with the grace and bounty of Allah, we have great news on the parking lot and Masjid construction.

The City of Austin has approved our Plat application and will issue a Site Permit for the North Parking Lot on November 15th. Shortly after, in about 2-3 weeks, the City of Austin will also release the Masjid Site Permit.

Meanwhile, the Construction Committee (CC) will be evaluating contractors’ bids and drafting contracts. At the same time, we will make an effort to start the construction on the same day the permit is released.

Additionally, in the first week of November, a construction information presentation is planned for the community outlining the project’s execution plan followed by frequent progress update presentations.

These are exciting moments for our community as we have long awaited the day for construction to materialize into actual dates. Inshallah, Executive Committee (EC) and CC will be planning groundbreaking events celebrating the beginning of Parking Lot and the Masjid construction. In light of this, the community will observe many changes that might impact current parking, facility access, closures, construction equipment, materials and machinery, and moving crews. We ask the community to be vigilant of activities and mindful to avoid contact with any of these activities and that. For any reason, if something does not look right, please report this immediately to EC and CC rather than taking the matter into your own hands.

EC and CC will plan and arrange for construction in a manner that minimizes obstruction of access to the facility and alleviate other major issues such as traffic and parking space during large events and Friday prayers. EC and CC are asking for your cooperation by following policies and complying with all signs and instructions that will be displayed around both properties for the sake of everyone’s safety and well being. We ask your full support and dua for a successful project, inshallah.


Construction update:

Dear brothers and sisters, assalamu alikum wa rahmatu Allah wa brakatuh

The EC of NAMCC would like to give the latest update on the construction project.

As you know, site permit applications were submitted to the City of Austin in early December 2017 for building our future planned Masjid. This includes site permit for the parking lot, as pre-requisite and Plat petition to separate the lot which our parking lot is part of.

We are now soliciting contractors bidding for both Parking Lot and Masjid building, please send a request for plans and drawings to

Detailed descriptions:

Permitting process:

The permitting process for NAMCC construction project goes as follow:

  1. Plat application to separate parking lot from the rest of the land belongs to other owners in the same lot. This is a must process to make improvements to a section of big lot defined by the city
  2. Site permit application for building the parking lot. After Plat application is approved, a site permit will be issued to NAMCC to construct the parking per submitted and approved the plan by the city
  3. When parking lot permit had been issued, a second site permit for the Masjid building will be issued based on the approved construction plan submitted by the City

Permit update:

All applications were submitted in parallel to gain on time and resolve any engineering issues raised by the City Engineers and resolved accordingly. Alhamdulillah, we have made a great progress on all fronts as follow:

  1. Plat: City of Austin cleared all engineering concerns related to this application -now pending TXDOT approval
  2. Parking Lot Permit: The City of Austin cleared the last engineering concern today, August 23, 2018, and our engineers will submit a final update on Monday, August 27, 2018. The turn around for permit is 2-week from final submittal -now pending TXDOT approval
  3. Masjid Permit: The City of Austin has cleared all engineering concerns, except for one item that we are still negotiating. The City of Austin “Corridor Mobility Program” demands that new constructions provide Way of Right of 17 feet from the edge of the property starting from Lamar BLVD. We are working with the City to keep the concerned area unimproved while we can still use as parking lot today.

Final submittal is expected in about 2-3 weeks from now with a 2-week turn around for issuing a permit -pending parking lot permit.

TXDOT Approval:

Application to TXDOT has been submitted in early February 2018. Based on our Engineering firm feedback, the historical turn around for a similar project is 2-4 months. Our engineer has not received any comments or engineering concerns from the reviewer. Multiple attempts inquiring about the application resulted in one simple response from the reviewer: “still in review”. We are planning on escalating the case to higher TXDOT officials if the case is not resolved within the next week. However, our engineers feel pretty confident that the reviewer will co-operate within the target time.

Construction Plans:

  1. Parking Lot Plan is at 100% and ready for construction. Contractors bidding is now open
  2. Masjid plan at 100% and ready for final City submittal. Contractors bidding is now open

Construction Update Presentation