COVID-19 Drive-Through Free Grocery

Rise Up Austin, Lets Do Our Part.

In this dire need, many families and elders need our assistance. As of April 7th 2020, more than 110 families were reached with the help of 40 Volunteers but this is not enough.

These numbers continues to grow everyday and we need your support and donations to meet this goal. Will you help?

Please Donate and share this link so that others can also participate in this goodness.

We need volunteers, please click here to sign up.

June 13th 2021, Week 64

Allhamdu-lillah we served 100 boxes serving 100 families. Our community has stepped up helping the needy in our community.

JazakAllah khair to all our volunteers and partners for working hard to make this possible every week.

If you know some one who needs help please ask them to check out NAMCC humanitarian assistance page 

May 30th 2021, Week 62

Mashallah great effort dear brothers and sisters

Allhamdu-lillah we served 100+ families. Mashallah everyone worked hard to not only do grocery drive thru but also to move the tent that was used for Ramadan

This first picture below sums up everything !           

Stronger Together !

May 23rd 2021, Week 61

Assalamu alaikum
Great effort once again by our youth and grown ups. We served 200 boxes this week.

Mashallah we were able to clear the multipurpose hall and organize the storage room. Allhamdu-lillah we have been blessed with youth power who bring in never ending energy to achieve any task no matter how big

May 16th 2021, Week 60

Allhamdu-lillah we served 250 boxes this week.

Great work every one for making it possible for the needy of our community. It being a Eid celebration week, our youth and grown-ups showed great commitment to do what matters

Thank you Afiya Foods for the Kibbeh for past few weeks, the families have enjoyed this food.

May 9th 2021, Week 59

Our dedicated volunteers at work to serve the needy. They stayed awake all night worshiping on the supposedly big night of Laylat-ul-Qadr and are back to volunteering in the early hours.

May Allah reward all of us!

We served 250 grocery boxes

May 2nd 2021, Week 58

Allhamdu-lillah we served 250 grocery boxes today.

Mashallah our volunteers enduring heat during the month of Ramadan don’t shy away doing what is right, taking care of the needy of our community.

May Allah bless our volunteers and our community. Aameen!

Apr 25th 2021, Week 57


Today we completed two successful drive thru events

1. Grocery drive thru serving 250 families

2. Covid 19 vaccination drive thru

When the seniors and the youth work together with similar energy you know that goal will be achieved.

Allhamdu-lillah our community has stepped up once again like every weekend and in spite of fasting and hot weather, we fed the needy of our community and served the underprivileged.


Apr 18th 2021, Week 56

Allhamdulillah feeding the hungry while fasting themselves!


Allhamdulillah we served 250 families. Great job everyone!

Inshallah let’s expect the great reward from Allah swt!

Apr 11th 2021, Week 55

Mashallah great effort dear brothers and sisters.

Allhamdu-lillah lots of energy, youth energy driving the community


Covid 19 Vaccination Drive



Apr 4th 2021, Week 54

Allhamdu-lillah we served 250 families today

JazakAllah khair, Dear brothers and sisters for your hard work and commitment to serve the needy. Today the youth took leadership role in self organizing and conducting the entire the program.


Mar 28th 2021, Week 53

Mashallah our youth has shown exceptional zeal to serve the needy of the community waking up early in the morning and doing everything for the sake of Allah. We served 250 Families again today.

May Allah bless all the hands that serve the needy and those who support them. JazakAllah khair to the Families of our volunteers, donors, partners and everyone supporting the effort for the sake of Allah.

#wearemuslims #wearemuslimyouth

Mar 21st 2021, Week 52

Allhamdu-lillah we served 250 families.
Mashallah great work by our youth!

May Allah reward us all !

Mar 14th 2021, Week 51

Mashallah our youth have nailed it again. Serving 250 families with the grocery supplies!

Mar 7th 2021, Week 50

Great work from our volunteers to take care of the house of Allah!

Feb 28th 2021, Week 49

Thank you
Chief of Staff at City of Austin Louisa Brinsmade, City Council Member Leslie Pool and Mayor Adler for stopping by at the drive-thru. Pleasantly surprised and delighted to have you here!

Feb 21st 2021, Week 48

Allhamdolillah we have distributed grocery to 250 families.
JazakAllah khair to all volunteers and participants for making the effort successful and for eagerly looking for our services.
We also distributed 400 gallons of water.

Feb 14th 2021, Week 47

What an effort. We served 250 families today. Even in this weather, people came to get their boxes and this shows the need in our community
May Allah reward all the volunteers who worked hard to make it possible to serve the needy of the community!

Feb 7th 2021, Week 46

Allhamdu-lillah, we distributed 250 boxes today. Jazak Allah Khair to our dear volunteers and every one involved with the effort.

May Allah reward us all !

Jan 31st 2021, Week 45

Masha-Allah what an effort!

Allhamdu-lillah today again we served 250 boxes. Jazak Allah Khair to all the volunteers, donors and everyone involved with this noble effort.

Jan 24th 2021, Week 44

Masha-Allah what an effort!

Allhamdu-lillah today we served 250 boxes. Sister Hasna and team have done a great job in serving the community.

Very proud of our youth, In-sha Allah our future looks bright!


Jan 17th 2021, Week 43

Allhamdu-lillah we served 250 families who were registered. There were over 100 families who were unregistered suggesting that there is growing need for food in Austin.

Allhamdliu-llah we did our best and didn’t let any family go empty handed. May Allah accept out deeds!


Jan 10th 2021, Week 42

Mashallah our dedicated volunteers serving the community even during the snowy weather.

May Allah bless our volunteers and everyone involved. We served 250 boxes and even in this weather we had all boxes taken away showing the need of the community.


Jan 3rd 2021, Week 41

Allhamdu-lillah we distributed 250 boxes. Jazak-Allah khair to all the volunteers who work tirelessly to serve the needy of our community.

May Allah bless us all.


Dec 27th 2020, Week 40

We served 250 families today in our grocery drive thru. It was successful event run by the youth to serve the community! 👏🏾

Dec 20th 2020, Week 39

Masha Allah what an effort!

Run by the youth to serve the community.

May Allah bless our youth, all the hands that work hard for the sake of Allah.

I believe we can take on any big effort insha Allah.

Come up with ideas!

Dec 13th 2020, Week 38

Masha Allah, great work by the team. From procuring to packing to drive thru to delivery, everything well set up.

May Allah reward the hands that participate for the sake of Allah!

Dec 6th 2020, Week 37

Allhamdu-lillah! We served 250 families today.

Jazakallah khair to our volunteers, donors and the community for participating in this khair.

Nov 27th 2020, Week 36

Allhamdu-lillah we served 250 families in our grocery drive thru.

Please make Dua for volunteers, donors , partners and support our efforts


Nov 15th 2020, Week 34

Alhamdu-lillah, another successful Drive-Thru distribution in which we distributed 250 boxes today.


Clothing for the Needy

What an effort!

We started at 175 boxes this morning and and now we are at 625+ boxes.

If you participated in the event today or shared the message yesterday for participating in the event of khair today, remember that you have become a participant in a great Sadaqa. People who will benefit from this may be the ones whose only chance to get clothes in order to survive during the winter was this.

Allah has enabled us to do this khair and we as Austin community did our best. Talking to HHRD rep today, they said they thought they were going to have a difficult time to pull this off.

Yes Austin we did it, pulled a great task with over 100 volunteers through out the day working in several shifts, taking covid-19 related precautions, having a great spirit and working solely to please Allah.

Jazakallah khair and proud to be part of community Allhamdu-lillah . When we join hands, we can do great things Inshallah.

July 26th 2020, Week 18th

Today, NAMCC offers many activities and services to the Muslim community of Austin.

Alhamdu lillah, another successful Drive-Thru distribution today.

Cars lined up for the food drive.

July 19th 2020, Week 17th.

Another great well executed Drive-Thru weekend with amazing turnout and great work from volunteers. We served 250 boxes again today.

Please continue to support this #covid19 relief program that NAMCC has been offering.

July 12th 2020, Week 16th.

Another great well executed Drive-Thru weekend with amazing turnout and great work from volunteers. We served 250 boxes again today.

Please continue to support this #covid19 relief program that NAMCC has been offering.

July 2nd, 2020

NAMCC in partnership with Exisys health care will be distributing 10,000 kn95 masks to the families in need, In-sha Allah.

Please register and select NAMCC as the pick up location.

June 28th 2020, Week 14th.

Another successful Drive-thru today- Served 250 families again today with the help of over 50 volunteers.

Jazak’Allah Khair to all our amazing volunteers and generous donors for your continued support.